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The Resident coming to DVD and VOD in May

If you are left to bring up baby by yourself while your other half would rather be at work, life is going to be pretty miserable. If you’re unlucky enough to get a bad landlord, it can be enough to push you over the edge. So how on earth do you deal with a haunted apartment giving you bloody flashbacks of the past??

That’s the problem facing Joanna, in Canadian psychological horror The Resident (aka The Sublet). Directed by John Ainslie, film has been doing the festival rounds for the past 18 months and is released in the UK on DVD and on-demand on 22nd May.

This is definitely one for all the horror fans out there who like a good bit of Rosemary’s Baby-style madness to delve into, so keep an eye out for this one to hit your local rental spot.

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