The Report trailer: Adam Driver searches for the truth post 9/11

Going by the synopsis for The Report, this would make an interesting double bill with Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, a film which has been heavily criticised down the years for its 'glorification' of terrorist torture. Written and directed by Scott Z. Burns (better known for writing films like Side Effects and Contagion) this looks at the internal investigation held by the Senate into the CIA's interrogation tactics post 9/11 and the struggle to have their findings published. This is another to be added to an ever growing list of award season films and any politicised drama is bound to strike a chord with those in Hollywood at the moment. Watch the trailer for The Report to see what you make of it.

Idealistic staffer Daniel J. Jones is tasked by his boss Senator Dianne Feinstein to lead an investigation of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program, which was created in the aftermath of 9/11. Jones’ relentless pursuit of the truth leads to explosive findings that uncover the lengths to which the nation’s top intelligence agency went to destroy evidence, subvert the law, and hide a brutal secret from the American public.

Scott Z. Burns writes and directs, with Annette Bening, Jon Hamm, Michael C. Hall, Corey Stoll, Matthew Rhys, Jennifer Morrison and Tim Blake Nelson in the supporting cast.

The Report opens in UK and US cinemas on November 15. It will only be a small cinematic run before it lands on Amazon Prime on November 29.

The Report (2019)
Dir: Scott Z. Burns | Cast: Adam Driver, Corey Stoll, Evander Duck Jr., Jon Hamm | Writer: Scott Z. Burns

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