The Receptionist trailer: A look at the dark, seedy underbelly of London

It's taken a while for The Receptionist to pick up distribution and find its way into UK cinemas but this partly crowd funded film is set for a small release next week. Jenny Lu's debut is based on the lives of countless Asian women who come to the UK in search of a better life only to find themselves trapped in the sex industry to make ends meet, living a secret life hundreds of miles away from their families. Watch the trailer for The Receptionist above to get a first look.

Unable to find a job, Tina, a Taiwanese recent graduate living in London, starts working in an illegal massage parlour as a receptionist. As she gradually comes to know the women in this most dysfunctional of artificial families, where sex lies at the core of everything, she sees how they struggle to find a way to make their lives work, with an undercurrent of violence and danger always lurking.

Jenny Lu writes and directs her first feature with Teresa Daley, Josh Whitehouse and Chen Shiang-Chyi.

The Receptionist arrives in UK cinemas on July 20th 2018.

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