The Reason I Jump trailer: A Sundance awarding-winning documentary exploring autistic neurodiversity

The Reason I Jump won the World Cinema Documentary Audience Award at Sundance earlier this year, and today bagged three nominations at the British Independent Film Awards in the Best Documentary, Best Sound and Best Music categories. It's based on Naoki Higashida's autobiographical account of living with autism that was written when he was only 13-years-old, offering insight into life from his perspective, and shedding light on a little-understood condition. Watch the trailer for The Reason I Jump above.

Based on the bestselling book by Naoki Higashida, The Reason I Jump is an immersive cinematic exploration of neurodiversity through the experiences of nonspeaking autistic people from around the world. The film blends Higashida's revelatory descriptions of his autism, written when he was just 13, with intimate portraits of five remarkable young people. It opens a window into an intense and overwhelming, but often joyful, sensory universe. The film distils these elements into a sensually rich tapestry that leads us to Naoki's core message: not being able to speak does not mean there is nothing to say.

Directed by Jerry Rothwell, there is no set date for the release of The Reason I Jump at the moment, but we expect it to rollout in the next few months.

The Reason I Jump (2020)
Dir: Jerry Rothwell | Cast: Jordan O'Donegan | Writer: Naoki Higashida (based on the book by)

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