The Rank Collection in July

Granada Ventures have announced the UK DVD release of The Rank Collection (70th Anniversary DVD Box Set) for 18th July 2005 priced at £29.99. Rank Films was established by Lord J Arthur Rank in 1935 and throughout the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's became one of the major powerhouses in the European film industry. Granada Ventures celebrates one of the most important British studios with the release of the limited edition Rank 70th anniversary DVD box set containing 8 films from a golden age of British film.

Brief Encounter

Noel Coward's 1945 classic story of a brief and deeply moving romance staring Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard. Directed by David Lean this sensitive portrayal of two married lovers thrown together was a landmark in British film and is often described as one of the most perfectly conceived films of all time by mixing realism with high drama becoming the inspiration for generations of filmmakers.

DVD Extras: Biographies

The 39 Steps

Based on John Buchan's story and directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1935 this is a classic suspense thriller. Starring Oscar Winner Robert Donat as Richard Hannay, a man falsely accused of murder who goes on the run with the police in full pursuit. With its mixture of eroticism, black humour and sexual chemistry with the leading lady Madeleine Carroll it makes it one of Hitchcock's best early films and was voted by the BF1 as one of the top 5 British films of all time.

DVD Extras: Biographies, Stills Gallery, Documentary on Alfred Hitchcock's Early Years

The Wicked Lady

A bodice ripping romp starring Margaret Lockwood as the wicked Lady Barbara, who will stop at nothing to get her own way Set in merry Restoration England this hugely popular film made a star of James Mason as the highwayman lover of Lockwood and was viewed as being very suggestive when first released in 1945. Based on theatre tickets this is also the most popular film ever in the UK.

DVD Extras: Original Theatrical Trailer


This charming romantic comedy was one of the hit films in 1953 winning a BAFTA for Best British Film and receiving 2 Oscar nominations. Starring Dinah Sheridan, John Gregson, Kay Kendall and Kenneth Moore and soundtrack by Larry Adler's harmonica, this story of a vintage car on the London to Brighton run made box office stars of its young cast, With it winning mixture of light hearted comedy and it has become one of Britain's most affectionately remembered films.

DVD Extras: A profile of Genevieve, Biographies, Still Galleries

The Red Shoes

This Powell & Pressburger classic film is considered the best dance films of all time. Starring Moira Shearer as Vicky Page, a young ballerina who becomes torn between a life in ballet and her love for her composer husband. With its brilliant photography by legendary Oscar winning cinematographer Jack Cardiff, the film won two Academy Awards and is visually one of the most innovative and beautiful British films of all time.

DVD Extras: Scenes Stills Gallery, Theatrical Trailer, Documentary and The Ballet of the Red shoes featurette

A Matter of Life and Death

Written, produced and directed by the legendry team of Poweli and Pressburger, this classic film stars David Niven as Squadron leader Peter Carter who survives a plan crash when all his crew have died. Failing in love with radio operator June played by Kim Hunter, a heavenly reaper visits Peter and claims he should have died. A court in heaven is called and Peter has to fight for his right for life.

A romantic fantasy and described by Martin Scorsese as one the best movies of all time.

DVD Extras: In depth biographies, Documentary on cinematographer of Jack Cardiff


Winner in 1948 of two Academy awards for best film and best actor this is a tour de force for its star the legendry Laurence Olivier. Delivering one his greatest Shakespearean performances as Hamlet and co-starring Jean Simmons as Ophefla.

Henry V

Directed, produced and starring Laurence Olivier this 1945 production features a cast of the creme de la creme of British Acting talent. Viewed as the definitive Shakespearean film it spectacular colour and effects was filmed during the end of the war and was viewed as a nationalistic call to victory.

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