The Prisoner CE Digi-Pack in October

Granada Ventures (a division of ITV plc) have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of a unique 6 Disc DVD Digi Pack of the ITC cult classic, The Prisoner on 4th October 2004. Priced at £59.99 this set includes all 17 episodes of The Prisoner, The Prisoner 35th Anniversary Companion which contains a wealth of information about the series along with The Alternate Chimes of Big Ben, a press preview episode previously only broadcast in the USA.

The Prisoner 35th Anniversary Companion contains a wealth of information previously unavailable: -

• Alternative, 50 minute version of the very first episode Arrival
• 250 word guide to Alternate Arrival
• A 30 minute interview with Production Manager Bernard Williams
• Textless intro and outro sequences
• Bumpers
• Foreign language filing cabinet sequence
• “For the love of” – a 7 minute featurette about Prisoner memorabilia collectors
• Renault 21 TV ad
• Patrick McGoohan biography
• George Markstein biography
• Stills Gallery
• Merchandise Gallery
• Collectors’ Edition Booklet
• Production notes of each episode

Here is a look at the set...

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