The Osbournes Series 2 in June

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Osbournes Series 2 for 28th June 2004. This 4-disc set features all 20 episodes of unscripted mayhem from the Osbourne family's second season with a swear count reaching 488, and that doesn’t even include the thirty minutes of never-before-seen footage!

Features include:

  • Uncensored and censored tracks
  • What the $%&£ did he say? Trivia Game
  • Ozzy translator for every episode
  • Trivia Game - Train to become one of the Osbourne household by playing along with each episode
  • Episode commentary with Sharon, Kelly, Ozzy and the elusive daughter Amy!
  • Dookie’s revenge-Set top game
Below we have a look at the box artwork followed by the full press release that gives you an idea of what to expect from the series and the bonus features on offer...

Bigger and better than before, Series 2 is released as a collectable 4-disc edition DVD jam-packed with 20 hilarious episodes of unscripted insanity, thirty minutes of outrageous never-seen-before footage, and more bonus features than you can shake a headless bat at!

With a total swear count reaching 488 (and that doesn’t even include the bonus footage!), this certificate 18 DVD is a riot from start to finish. Ozzy and Sharon in true Osbourne-style jet-off to meet the President Bush at the White House! Jack causes chaos backstage at the MTV awards, as he goes to extreme lengths to capture the attentions of Natalie Portman. Kelly goes rocking in Las Vegas when she celebrates her birthday in style, plus there’s a surprise Osbourne wedding ceremony!

But there are tears too… Sharon deals with her cancer, Jack ends up in hospital when he goes to the beach with his friends, Ozzy attempts a gruelling whirlwind musical tour without drink and of course… the dog poo headache!

With thirty minutes of incredible never-seen-before footage, there are some surprising revelations including Ozzy discussing why he can’t have sex for a whole 9 months, Jack talking about swimming with Great White sharks and when Kelly goes on a date, Sharon has an unusual suggestion to test his manhood! See Lola fart and freak-out, Jack’s invitation to the Playboy Mansion, Sharon’s Botox surprise and Ozzy getting physical!

Have you ever wanted to be part of the family? Well in the special feature game ‘Dookie’s Revenge’, your mission is to be a dirty dog and guide Minnie, Arthur and Lola around the house to find the perfect place to poop! Get closer to the action with real-life footage of the terrible results that leaves a bare-foot Kelly squirming!

Struggle to understand incomprehensible Ozzy? The hilarious bonus feature ‘What The $%&£ Did He Say?’ randomly selects some of the finest unintelligible Ozzy moments. All you have to do is use the ‘Ozzy Translator’ to decide which is the correct translation to win the game!

With optional commentary for all the episodes from Sharon, Kelly, Ozzy and even elusive daughter Amy, the Osbournes Series 2 is a must-own DVD for your collection that you don’t want to miss!

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