The Olympic Series Golden Moments in August

Paramount Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Olympic Series: Golden Moments 1920-2002 for 23rd August 2004 priced at £42.99. The largest and most historic sporting event in the world, the Olympic Games are returning to their origins in Greece this year. Athens is the venue for the 28th Olympics and from the 13th – 29th August, 2004, the world will once again be gripped with the fervour, passion and excitement that the Games evoke. To mark this historic event, Paramount Home Entertainment are releasing a special 6-disc DVD collection of the Olympics’ most inspiring moments, featuring the greatest sporting stars the world has ever known since the modern games began.

From the time when the first games were held in Ancient Greece, more than two thousand years ago, the various sporting events that make-up the Olympics represent the diverse range of disciplines that men and women compete in. From athletics to bobsled; cycling to fencing; ski jumping to table tennis; THE OLYMPIC SERIES compiles over 20,000 hours of moving images, covers stories of courage, skill and the dramatic upsets that always occur during the games and condenses them into 6 discs.

Offering an insight into past Olympics, the 6-disc DVD boxset superbly contrasts bygone heroes with the modern-day games. Ever since American athlete James Connolly became the first modern Olympic Champion, winning gold in the Triple Jump at the 1896 games in Athens, the spirit and desire of man to be the ultimate athlete has been evident: Connolly left Harvard University and travelled to Greece on a Cargo boat before arriving in Athens by train to compete.

Other landmarks of the games include one of the most historical events in world history. Black US athlete Jesse Owens defied both the odds and the regime of the German nation by winning an unprecedented four gold medals for the 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay and the long-jump at the 1936 games in Berlin. Undermining Hitler’s vision of Aryan superiority, Owens became a sporting hero not just for his country, but for the entire world as he demonstrated the fundamental concept at the heart of the Olympics – the desire to compete and succeed, even in the face of adversity.

The historical win of four golds was repeated in the 1984 Los Angeles games when another US athlete, Carl Lewis, shattered expectations by winning in the same four events as the legendary Owens had done 48 years previously. Other tales of triumph- over-adversity include German athlete Ulrike Meyfarth, who became the youngest gold medal winner in the history of the games, winning the high-jump at the 1972 Munich games at the age of sixteen.

The DVD boxset tells the true stories from by-gone eras, evocatively capturing the essence of the Olympic spirit. Steeped in history, THE OLYMPIC SERIES celebrates the feats of sporting legends over the last 100 years. The most comprehensive guide to every sprint, jump, throw and dive, the 6-disc set offers more than six hours of sporting drama, allowing fans to re-live those period defining moments again and again.

Including action from both the Olympics and the Winter Olympics, plus the golden moments from the last games in Sydney 2000 and Salt Lake City 2002, The Olympic Series DVD boxset is the perfect gift to mark the games returning to its origins in Greece, where the legend began over 2000 years ago.

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