The Nostalgia trailer speaks of memory, love and loss

The trailer for Nostalgia was released overnight and you can check out the clip for the Alex Ross Perry penned (Listen Up Philip, Queen Of Earth) film above.

It's a collection of stories that reflects on our relationship with the objects, memories and artefacts that make up the small details of a much larger picture of our lives. While the trailer doesn't inspire much hope of it being too good, we can only hope that Alex Ross Perry and a strong cast can put prove us wrong with the full feature.

Alongside Jon Hamm and Catherine Keener, Nick Offerman, Bruce Dern, Patton Oswalt, Amber Tamblyn, Ellen Burstyn, James Le Gros and John Ortiz, with Mark Pellington (Arlington Road, The Mothman Prophecies) on directorial duties.

Nostalgia gets a February release in the US, but no word yet on a UK date.

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