The next round of Buffy rumours...

Now that Season 2 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer is out of the door, we're already getting rumours regarding Season 3. First up the release date - our insiders tell us that October is the most likely month of release with November being the other option.

Now for the less promising news - first up it's sounding like we wont be getting Season Three in widescreen. While some widescreen footage for the season is in existence the vast majority of the season was not shot with a ratio other than 4:3 in mind. So while the raw materials in terms of live-action footage exist in 16:9, nothing has ever been done in the way of putting together the elements into a full package and as such the DVD will NOT be widescreen.

Secondly, according to our insiders the one cut episode - Dead Man's Party will not be resubmitted to the BBFC for reclassification. Whether or not the other Region 2 or Region 4 releases will be uncut is unknown at this time.

Now back to Season 2 - first up the 'missing recaps' for various season two episodes. Fox are placing the blame squarely on the LA based DVD production company - they apparently used recap-free masters for the discs. There are no plans for a repress or reissue - however, the good news is that this has been noted and shouldn't effect future seasons.

There are however rumours that we could be seeing new packaging for subsequent batches of Season 2 discs. This is in no way confirmed yet, but one of our sources has mentioned that there may be plans to ditch the 'book-style' packaging and to use something more similar to the X Files packaging. I'm not sure on the accuracy of this information but I'll endeavour to find out anything I can.

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