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The new South Korean Chloe Grace Moretz animation is a little problematic

Before we start, check out this promo from Cannes for the upcoming South Korean produced, Chloe Grace Moretz starring Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs...

Let that sink in for a minute. It's clear from this one piece of promo that there are genuine problems with the central conceit in this film. The blunt force of suggesting that Snow White becomes something other than beautiful due to her build is offensive and beyond what we'd ever expect to get past the greenlight stage.

Yet it has. Sung Ho Hong's 'parody' of Snow White will have gone through so many eyes and have been deemed acceptable by so many people and yet here we are, a completed film being brought to market without anyone raising the red flag.

How does this happen? The film also stars Gina Gershon and Jim Rash - that makes three people providing their acting talents who also didn't think twice for accepting a pay cheque for something so morally dubious. Disappointing.

The reaction on Twitter has been, unsurprisingly, brutal...


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