The Mummy Returns: First Look

Another release to land on my doormat today was the Region 2 release of The Mummy Returns. I've had a quick look at this one too. A full review will be up soon - after I get it across to one of the reviewers, but first impressions (at least in terms of presentation) are very good.

We have a beautiful crisp anamorphic widescreen transfer which really does make use of the format. The colour definition is superb - the opening desert scenes really jump out. I can also confirm that we have a DTS soundtrack - and what a soundtrack. The opening battle scene really stretches my amp with noise coming in from every direction. There's plenty of tight bass which is intelligently used.

The extras are quite impressive - I've only had a quick glance through, but it looks like The Mummy Returns could have the same impact as it's prequel had on it's DVD release - ie. a reference quality disc that will be used as a benchmark for quite some time to come.

Pity about the film.

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