The Mountain trailer: Jeff Goldblum stars as a controversial lobotomy doctor

Everyone loves Jeff Goldbum. And rightly so. He's the eccentric uncle everyone would love to have in their family. But in recent years it seems he can't escape his own personality on-screen, meaning we've only seen Goldblum the man, rather than the actor. Judging by what is shown in this well-cut trailer for The Mountain, he seems a little more subdued in a role that is based on Dr. Walter Freeman, a controversial physician who specialised in lobotomies - with many of them either disabling or killing his patients. Reviews have been very mixed so far, but judging by the trailer it at least deserves a watch. Take a look at The Mountain above to get a taster.

In 1950s America, an introverted young man joins a renowned lobotomist as he promotes his recently debunked procedure. As their tour of asylums progresses, the young man begins to identify with the patients, among them the daughter of a charismatic leader in the burgeoning New Age movement of the West.

Rick Alverson (The Comedy, Entertainment) directs with the supporting cast featuring Tye Sheridan, Denis Lavant, Udo Kier and Hannah Gross.

The Mountain gets a US release on 26th July - we're not sure if it will get distribution to arrive in the UK just yet.

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