The Matrix Reloaded Press Event

At 9:00AM PST (5pm GMT) Warner Home Video held a live press event to outline their plans for the already announced 14th October 2003 Region 1 DVD release of The Matrix Reloaded. Various questions were asked and once the obvious ones had been covered a few of the finer details on this DVD release were confirmed.

  • The packaging will be a 2-disc Armaray
  • The bonus features run for a total of 108-minutes
  • There is an insert offer: Buy Matrix Reloaded and either The Matrix or The Animatrix, Get a set of exclusive mini-posters by mail (US Citizens only)
  • Worldwide Release Dates range from the 10th - 17th October
The question of a future 'Uber' re-release version came up and was given the following response...

"There are no specific plans to release an uber version at this time. However, the Wachowskis' brothers have a tremendous capacity for creativity and have developed an extensive library of content that could be availble for a super version that further delves into and explains the world of the Matrix in the future.

This process may take several years to complete."

And that folks is the only vaguely interesting information that came of this little chat!

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