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The Last Mimzy & Star Kid (R2) in August

Entertainment in Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Last Mimzy on 20th August 2007 priced at £19.99. Based on the acclaimed short story “Mimsy Were the Borogroves” by Lewis Padgett, The Last Mimzy follows Emma and Noah Wilder as siblings who discover a mysterious box filled with what they believe to be toys. Soon, however, they learn that these “toys” have set them on a crucial mission that will change the future of all humanity. The film also stars Timothy Hutton, Joely Richardso, Rainn Wilson and Michael Clarke Duncan.

Extras include:

  • Beyond the Movie Featurettes:
    • The Mandala: Imaginary Palace
    • DNA: The Human Blueprint
    • Sound Waves: Listening to the Universe
    • Nanotechnology: The Human Revolution
    • The Looking Glass: Emma and Alice
    • Wormholes: Fantasy or Science?
  • All Access Pass:
    • Commentary by director Bob Shaye
    • Roger Waters’ Hello (I Love You) Music Video
    • Deleted Scenes with introduction from Bob Shaye
    • Behind-the-scenes Featurettes:
      • Adapting the Story
      • Bob Shaye: Director Profile
      • Casting the Kids
      • Production Design & Concept
      • Real is Good: The Visual Effects
      • Editing and Music
      Interactive Games

Star Kid, another family movie is also set for 20th August 2007 with a low retail price of £9.99. This sci-fi adventure from the producers of ‘Free Willy’ stars Joseph Mazzello as Spencer Griffith, a new kid in town who is bullied in class and has troubles at home. His life changes forever the day an extraterrestrial craft crashes nearby and the cybernetic organism inside invites Spencer to climb inside him. At once, his problems with the school bullies are over – but as Spencer soon discovers, there’s a much bigger battle still to come…

Extras include:
  • Feature Commentary
  • Featurette

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