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The Kovak Box (R2) in July

DNC Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Kovak Box on 28th July 2008 priced at £15.99. Timothy Hutton leads an eclectic, international cast in the Spanish produced science fiction thriller The Kovak Box.

From director Daniel Monzon, the film follows David Norton (Hutton), a bestselling author attending a conference in Majorca to talk about his work. Following a meeting with the mysterious author Frank Kovak (David Kelly) events begin to turn sinister, as David’s girlfriend throws herself from a balcony, sparking a number of similar deaths across the island. Seemingly trapped with no means of escape, David is plunged into a nightmarish game of survival, forced to star as the reluctant hero in his own drama, manipulated throughout by the ominous author, as he tries to break out of the Kovak Box.

There are no announced extras.

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