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The John Cassavetes Collection in September

Optimum Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The John Cassavetes Collection for 12th September 2005 priced at £49.99. Often hailed as the father of independent film, John Cassavetes' maverick approach to film-making captured some of the most honest and genuinely moving portrayals of human emotion ever committed to film. Five of his finest works including Shadows, Faces, A Woman Under The Influence, The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie and Opening Night will now be available on DVD boxset featuring newly recorded UK exclusive audio commentaries by Peter Bogdanovich, Seymour Cassel, Producer Al Ruben, critic Tom Charity and original film crew.

Features across the set include:

  • High definition digital transfers
  • Audio Commentaries from Peter Bogdanovich, Seymour Cassel, Producer Al Ruben, critic Tom Charity, sound recordist Bo Harwood and cameraman Mike Ferris
  • Audio interviews with Cassavetes
  • Filmed interview with Seymour Cassel
  • Booklet containing interviews with Gena Rowlands and Cassavetes, biogs
  • Faces alternate opening, which features 17 min of footage not included in the final cut
  • Two versions of The Killing of A Chinese Bookie Cassavetes' original 135 minute cut as well as his subsequent 108 minute re-edit

And how you will find them per film/disc...

Shadows (1959/B&W) Running time 81 mins approx
  • Audio Commentary by Seymour Cassel and Tom Charity
  • Silent rehearsal footage

Faces (1968/B&W) Running time 124 mins approx
  • Alternative Opening sequence
  • Audio commentary on alternative opening sequence by Peter Bogdanovich and Producer Al Ruban
  • Interview with Seymour Cassel

A Woman Under The influence (1974/Col) Running time 140 mins approx
  • Interview with Elaine Kagan (Cassavetes' assistant)
  • Audio interview with John Cassavetes

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976 Original Version/1978 Re-release version/Col) Running time 135 (1976) & 108 mins (1978)
  • Two versions of the film, Version 1 1976 and Version 2 1978
  • Audio interview with John Cassavetes
  • Audio commentary on selected scenes by Peter Bogdanovich and Al Ruban

Opening Night (1977/Col) Running time 137 mins approx
  • Audio interview with Cassavetes
  • Audio Commentary by Tom Charity, cameraman Mike Ferris and sound recordist Bo Harwood

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