The Iron Mask trailer: Jackie Chan faces off against Arnold Schwarzenegger

Okay, okay, we may have been exaggerating a bit as it seems Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger only seem to appear in one scene together (although we could be wrong) but still it's great to see to action legends together for the first time since the 2004's forgettable Around the World in 80 Days. The Iron Mask is the Western name given to Viy 2: Journey to China and is a sequel to the 2014 Russian film, Viy. It doesn't look like the two stars are taking things too seriously, and it seems all the better for it. It's surprising the two haven't had a fight scene before as they are long-time friends off-screen. There's still a little bit of time left for a spin-off. Either way, they are being used heavily to market the film, so check out the trailer for The Iron Mask above.

The Iron Mask sees action legends Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger team up in a high concept fantasy historical epic featuring breath-taking fights and stunning visuals. Set in the 18th century, The Iron Mask follows English traveller Jonathan Green as he journeys from Russia to China encountering dragons, black magic wizardry and a dragon king during an incredible but deadly adventure.

Oleg Stepchenko is the director, with Xingtong Yao, Anna Churina,Charles Dance, Jason Flemyng and the late Rutger Hauer also featuring.

The Iron Mask opens in UK cinemas April 10.

The Iron Mask (2019)
Dir: Oleg Stepchenko | Cast: Anna Churina, Jackie Chan, Jason Flemyng, Xingtong Yao | Writers: Alexey A. Petrukhin, Dmitry Paltsev, Oleg Stepchenko

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