The Image Book trailer: Jean-Luc Godard returns to UK cinemas in challenging style

Jean-Luc Godard's influence over modern cinema should go without saying. Any time the French director releases a new film, cineastes are eager to see what he has in store. The Image Book looks to be one of his most experimental and challenging films to date, which is saying something when you consider he started revolutionising cinema with his debut feature Breathless back in 1960. His latest release was in the mix for the Palme d'Or earlier this year and is released in the UK next week. The first full trailer for The Image Book can now be seen and you can watch it above right now.

It is a confrontational essay film interrogating our relationship with film, culture and global politics. Soundtracked by an immersive 7.1 mix, it splices together classic film clips and newsreel footage, often stretched, saturated and distorted almost beyond recognition.

The Image Book will screen as a special one-day event screening in select 7.1 surround sound cinemas in the UK on Sunday 2nd December, before being available to stream on MUBI from Monday 3rd December.


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