The Herbie Collection!

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of the Herbie 4 Disc Collectors Edition for 29th September 2003. Available to own here in the UK for the first time on DVD this set includes Herbie’s most popular journeys: The classic original Herbie – The Love Bug, the madcap Herbie Rides Again, the hilarious Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo and the colourful Herbie Goes Bananas.

Exact features on the discs are yet to be confirmed, though we do know you can expect new DD5.1 Surround audio tracks. For now here is a look at the artwork followed by the synopsis for each film as taken from the press release.

Herbie - The Love Bug

Dean Jones stars in the original Herbie movie, first released in 1968, that became an instant Disney classic. The Love Bug tells the tale of a struggling race car driver, named Jim Douglas who only begins winning races once he starts driving Herbie. Elated at his new found success, Jim does not realise that it is the Volkswagen who is responsible for the first-place finishes. Full of magic, slapstick comedy and high-speed chase sequences, the stunt filled finale is especially breathtaking.
Cast: Dean Jones, Michele Lee, David Tomlinson, Buddy Hackett

Herbie Rides Again

Herbie’s back and this times he means business. Alonzo Hawk, a mean-spirited property developer, has bought several blocks of land in the downtown district of San Franscico in order to build a gigantic shopping mall. There is one problem however; an elderly widow named Steinmetz (Helen Hayes – Airport) won't sell the one remaining building that Hawk needs to proceed with his scheme. Determined nothing will stand in his way, Hawk employs any means possible, legal or otherwise to force the widow to leave. Fortunately, Steinmetz has an ace up her sleeve in the form of Herbie, the miraculous Volkswagen. Watch out for the spectacular chase across the city’s rooftops. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready more Herbie mayhem.
Cast: Ken Berry, Stephanie Powers, Helen Hayes, Keenan Wynn

Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo

Herbie, reunites with Jim Douglas and faces his toughest test yet, racing in the Paris to Monte Carlo Rally. Unbeknownst to Jim, thieves have hidden stolen diamonds in Herbie's gas tank, and are now trying to get them back. A perilous game of cat and mouse ensues across France. To complicate matters still further, Herbie has fallen in love with a sleek, sporty Lancia. With all the distractions, will Herbie prove once again, he’s the greatest Beetle of them all?
Cast: Dean Jones, Don Knotts, Julie Sommars, Jacques Marin

Herbie Goes Bananas

Herbie’s new owners, D.J. (Charles Martin Smith – Deep Impact) and his friend Pete (Stephan W. Burns ), want to test their magical car in a special, high-stakes race in Brazil. So along with Herbie, the pair sets sail for Rio de Janeiro where they enter the car in the celebrated Grande Premio racing competition. Along the way, they get side-tracked by a smuggling and counterfeiting ring, pestered by a street-wise pickpocket, and even lock horns with a raging bull. Perhaps the most madcap and colourful Herbie adventure, don’t miss the chance to see Herbie go loco in Rio de Janeiro.
Cast: Cloris Leachman, Charles Martin Smith, Harvey Korman

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