The Hat trailer: Jude and Rafe Law star in award-winning lockdown short made in support of teen cancer charities

COVID-19 hasn't stopped creatives from finding innovative ways to put together new projects, with a number of films being shot in lockdown over the past 8 months. The Hat is a short that brings together Jude Law with actor son Rafe for the first time, with director Darren Strowger's first effort having just won the 'Spirit of the Festival Award' at the Raindance Film Festival. The Who’s Pete Townshend also provides the score. It's the first of many shorts due to be released that will see all profits go to a selection of teen cancer charities. Watch the trailer for The Hat above.

A young man wanders into the middle of a barren field, and just as he's enjoying the peace of it all, a mystery assailant comes running out of the trees towards him. But some things you can't outrun. The Hat is the first in a planned series of shorts that will form the foundation for a new filmmaking model created by Darren Strowger and will be supporting Teen Cancer America.

The Hat is set to be released in the UK this December.

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