The Green Fog trailer: It's Hitchcock's Vertigo but not as you know it

Running at a modest 63 minutes, The Green Fog is an interpretation of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo made using a collage of clips from other people's films. Canadian director Guy Maddin (you may recall 2015's beguiling The Forbidden Room) has made a career out of paying homage to classic cinema, and with his collaborators Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson, he has put together an experimental film that has been called eerie, surreal and funny. Click play above to get a flavour for the film.

Sourced from hundreds of hours of old film and TV clips shot in and around the San Francisco area, it is both a love letter to San Francisco and a tribute to the city's most famous film - Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. The Green Fog gets its name from the green lighting that surrounding Kim Novak in the 1958 original. Amongst the actresses appearing in the role of Judy we see Doris Day, Faye Dunaway and Susan Saint James. Rock Hudson and Chuck Norris are just some of the male actors used to replace James Stewart's Scottie.

The Green Fog will be playing at this year's London Film Festival and you can buy tickets for the two shows on the BFI website here.

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