The Good Thief and Purpose from Momentum

Momentum Pictures have announced the UK DVD release of The Good Thief to rent from 1st September 2003 and to buy from 20th October 2003 with a retail price of £17.99. The former will be a standard bare-bones rental disc while the Retail DVD will offer a variety of bonus features including Trailers, TV Spots, Director's Commentary and a Making-of Documentary. At this time there is no word on the Audio/Video specs though we expect to see an Anamorphic Widescreen transfer with English DD5.1 surround.

From writer/director Neil Jordan The Good Thief stars Nick Nolte as compulsive gambler Bob Montagnet who we follow as he plans the heist of his life - a priceless collection of art from the world-class Casino Riviera in Monte Carlo. Now Bob must round up a crew of old cons and evade his police chief nemesis to pull off that elusive 'last job'.

Also announced by Momentum Pictures is the rental DVD release of Purpose, a thriller that will be available to rent from 15th September 2003.

Sysnopsis: Purpose tells the story of brilliant Stanford University student John Elias (John Light) who dreams of creating the Internet application that will change the way mankind communicates. Together with deal-closer Robert Jennings (Jeffrey Donovan), Elias finds the necessary funding to launch Digital Dreams, but just as quickly as their first million is made, good intention is replaced by the intoxication of success and fame, fortune, fast cars and faster women. Caught in a spiral of deceit, losing sight of his original vision, and betraying his girlfriend Lisa, Elias is threatened with the loss of everything he once held dear, including his personal values. Will blind ambition topple his empire? Or will his last shot at redemption bring him back to what's really important in life? Log on to Purpose to find out.

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