The Gathering Storm & Conspiracy from HBO

HBO Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of two award-winning feature length dramas, both coming your way on Battle Of Britain Day (15th September) with a retail price of £15.99 each. The Gathering Storm, starring BAFTA winner Albert Finney, is a gripping and poignant account of the struggle of Sir Winston Churchill to warn a world, which was desperate for peace, of the rising threat from Nazi Germany. Conspiracy, fronted by Kenneth Branagh, depicts the incredible, true story of the Wannsee Conference, the meeting during which the decision was made by Nazi officials to begin one of the most heinous war crimes of the 20th Century, the Holocaust.

The Gathering Storm, aired on BBC1 in January 2003, attracting in excess of 4.2m viewers. This multi-award winning, critically acclaimed feature film is set in the pre-war years when Nazi forces were rising and Germany was arming itself for war. Giving us an inside look at Sir Winston Churchill (BAFTA winner Albert Finney) during this period, The Gathering Storm highlights the daring lengths he went to warn the British people of the threat posed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. The film explores his extraordinary return from the brink of political obscurity, and the personal price he paid in his private life before he could re-emerge as a leader and hero.

Churchill is considered by many to be visionary, and one of the most charismatic wartime leaders in history. Often controversial, frequently antagonistic, and notably eloquent, he enjoyed a remarkably long career spanning more than 50 years. His reign as British Prime Minister during World War II is regarded as one of the most successful Britain has ever had. At a time when the British Parliament chose to look away from the truth in an attempt for peace, Churchill stood tall to warn his country and the world against the Nazi threat. Set against the backdrop of Chartwell, his beloved country home and refuge, this multi-award winning drama offers an intimate look at the nation’s greatest Briton, his marriage to Clementine (Vanessa Redgrave), his moods and his mastery of politics during a particularly troubled, though little known, period in his life. The all-star British cast includes Jim Broadbent, Derek Jacobs, and Ronnie Barker.

  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English Subtitles
  • Audio commentary by Director and Producer

Conspiracy: Starring Emmy-Award winning actor Kenneth Branagh and Colin Firth, Conspiracy charts one of the most pivotal and horrifying moments of the 20th Century, when the Third Reich's plans to exterminate millions of European Jews were decided.

Conspiracy is a chilling recreation of the 1942 Wannsee Conference held on January 20, 1942, when 15 Nazi and SS leaders gathered in secret to discuss the 'Final Solution to the Jewish Question'. Led by SS-General Reinhard Heydrich (Branagh) this group of high-ranking German officials came to the historic and far reaching decision that the Jews of Europe were to be exterminated in what would come to be known as the Holocaust. In little over an hour, whilst enjoying fine food and wines, the blueprint was drawn up for one of the most awful times yet faced by civilisation.

Note-taker Adolf Eichmann prepared 30 top-secret copies of the meeting's minutes. By the fall of the Third Reich, all had disappeared or been destroyed - except one. The Wannsee Protocol, found in the files of the Reich's Foreign Office, is the only known document where the details of Hitler's maniacal plan were actually codified, and serves as the basis for this tense real life drama.
Conspiracy is a fascinating look at the process by which one of the most momentous decisions of all time was made. Outstandingly acted, directed and scripted, this is not merely something you should see, but must-see film-making.
  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English subtitles
  • Two featurettes
  • Cast & crew biographies

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