The Fruits of Passion in May

Nouveaux Pictures have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Fruits of Passion for 30th May 2005 priced at £17.99. The Fruits Of Passion is the real 'Story of O 2' and is beautifully directed by Shuji Terayama, the famous Japanese write, stage director, photographer and film director. His camerawork creates a haunting atmosphere and a far more artisitc and surreal feel to the original movie( directed by Just Jaeckin of 'Emmanuelle' fame), whilst retaining the startling eroticism of the novels and the first film.

Features are TBC.

From the PR...

The Story Of O is one of the most infamous and notorios erotic novels the world has ever known. Its story of the subjugation of a beautiful woman by the sadistic Sir Stephen and his servants at his aristocratic chateau- all done on behalf of O's husband and tantamount to the 'breaking in' of a woman- has shocked and aroused millions, many ignoring the fact that it is ultimately the woman who becames the strongst of all and controls the very men who set out to control her.

Indeed, in the UK the novel was banned for many years and Nouveaux pictures still cannot get a certificate to release the priginal movie! Despite this ridiculous situation, Nouveaux will go ahead on with the release of the genuine sequel, The Fruits Of Passion, based on author Pauline Reage's sequel novel 'Return To The Chateau'.

Towards the end of the 1920's Sir Stephen (Klaus Kinski) takes O to a brothel on mainland China. the reason for this seemingly perverse barbarity is to fulfill a pact that the two have made together and are now carrying out to its ultimate conclusion. To experience absolute love for Sir Stephen, O has to be prostituted to anyone willing to pay for her body.

the other girls residing in the brothel have their own histories and idiosyncracies, but although they live side by side, they survive alone, never sharing their sad dreams.

Meanwhile Sir Stephen is financing a band of Chinease conspirators who are rebelling against foregin privileges. He takes the decision to stop his support with catastrophic results which will chance the future for both himself and the much defiled O.........

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