The Forest of the Lost Souls trailer: Sometimes even death isn't so black and white

Simplicity is the key to making a good trailer which is something that The Forest of the Lost Souls (A Floresta das Almas Perdidas) clearly understands. The pull quotes stand out against the whimsical music and imagery before the atmosphere is turned on its head about mid-way through to become something completely different. It's a Portuguese horror that has picked up a consistent run of good reviews on the festival circuit (making it to a couple of festivals in the UK last year). Check out the trailer for The Forest of the Lost Souls above to see what you think.

Ricardo and Carolina are complete strangers that meet seemingly by chance in the Forest of the Lost Souls, a place where many people go to commit suicide. These two, a young woman and an old man, are no different than the others as they also came to the forest for this very reason.

They decide to briefly postpone killing themselves in order to explore the forest and also to continue talking, as Ricardo and Carolina find themselves intrigued by one another. However, as the pair go further into the forest it becomes clear that one of them has other reasons for being there...

José Pedro Lopes writes and directs his début, with the cast featuring Daniela Love, Jorge Mota and Mafalda Banquart.

The Forest of the Lost Souls gets a limited US release in early August.

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