The first batch of competition winners!

I can now announce the winners of the Monkey's Tale and Stingray competitions. I am actually still awaiting one reply on the Monkey's Tale front, but I'll announce the rest of the winners now.

So, first up congratulations to James Johnson, Rachel Hart, Ken Green, Sarah Stilwell, David Bridson, Brett Baker, Leisa Cormack, Miguel Lodeiro and Paul Baxter who all win copies of A Monkey's Tale along with a goody bag containing a T-Shirt, poster and juggling balls.

And now congratulations to Andy Allsop, Ian Davies and Kayleigh Futcher who all win a Stingray boxset containing the entire first series of 39 episodes.

I'm planning to send out the prizes early next week - but as there are so many please bear with me!

Colin Polonowski

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