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The Final & 7 Days (R2) in August

Below we have details, artwork and trailers for two horror titles coming to UK DVD on 23rd August 2010. As far as we know they’re both barebones (no extras announced)…

The Final (Chelsea Films)
Featuring novel if somewhat inappropriate uses for cattle prods and stun guns, gardening shears, acupuncture needles and a specially formulated skin cream you wouldn’t want to leave on for too long, The Final is a horror movie aimed fairly and squarely at viewers with very strong nerves and comes with a BBFC warning to consumers "contains strong sadistic violence".

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7 Days (E1 Entertainment)
Directed by Daniel Grou (Vampire High; Big Wolf On Campus; The Hunger), aka Podz, and adapted for the screen by author Patrick Senécal (5150 Elm’s Way; Evil Words) from his best-selling novel, ‘Les sept jours du talion’, 7 Days is an intense and disturbing French Canadian thriller.

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