The Errol Morris Collection in July

MGM Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of The Errol Morris DVD Collection for 26th July 2005. Three films from acclaimed documentary filmmaker Errol Morris (Fog of War) are released separately ($19.98 SRP each) or as part of this collection ($49.98 SRP) in July...

Gates of Heaven (1978) - When financial hardship forces California's Foothill Pet Cemetery to close its pearly gates, its dearly departed loved ones are relocated to the nearby Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park. During this tense transition, filmmaker Morris meets a collection of eccentric cemetery operators and anguished animal-lovers and elicits a meditation on love and loneliness.

-Full Screen
-English Mono
-English, French and Spanish subtitles

The Thin Blue Line (1988) - On November 28, 1976, when drifter Randall Dale Adams was picked up by teenage runaway David Harris, his fate was sealed. That night, a police officer was shot in cold blood. And though all the facts pointed to Harris, a sociopath with a lengthy rap sheet, Adams was convicted of capital murder. Was Adams guilty? And if not, can Morris unlock the secrets of this baffling case?

-1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
-English Stereo Surround
-English, French and Spanish subtitles
-"First Person" Episode: "Mr. Personality"

Vernon, Florida (1981) - For the inhabitants of this Southern town, there’s no place like home…for the rest of us, there’s no place like Vernon, Florida! From the passionate turkey-hunter to the peculiar pet collector, each member of this motley crew has a story to tell. And in the masterful hands of Morris, their obsessions and eccentricities reveal the heart and soul of an unabashedly unique slice of the American pie!

-1.66:1 Letterbox
-English Mono
-English, French and Spanish subtitles

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