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The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection Volume 1 in April

Network Distributing have announced the first volume in their THE EALING STUDIOS RARITIES COLLECTION. Featuring four films from the vaults of Ealing Studios and Associated Talking Pictures, this double-disc set will be available to own on 8 April 2013. This volume consists of films by Basil Dean, Harry Watt, Carol Reed and Leo Mittler. Practically unseen since their original cinema releases and presented as new transfers in their original aspect ratios, THE EALING STUDIOS RARITIES COLLECTION VOLUME 1 is an essential addition to anyone interested in classic British films as well as long-forgotten gems from one of the UK’s most iconic production houses.

Disc One

ESCAPE (1930, Director: Basil Dean)

Based on John Galsworthy’s 1921 play, ESCAPE charts the experiences of Captain Matt Denant, sentenced to a term in Dartmoor after accidentally killing a plain-clothes policeman during a quarrel. Unable to bear the harsh conditions of prison life, Matt escapes across the moor – finding his freedom at the mercy of the various characters he encounters.

WEST OF ZANZIBAR (1954, Director: Harry Watt)

Bob Payton learns that the Galanas, an African tribe he has befriended, are being forced by soil erosion to move from their homelands. He urges their Chief, Ushingo, to lead them into the hills where they will find fresh, fertile soil and peaceful living; but the young men of the tribe favour the attractions of Mombasa, which represent a new, exciting way of life. Payton knows that such a move would be fatal, placing the Galanas in the way of many temptations – not least the activities of ivory smugglers.

Disc Two

PENNY PARADISE (1938, Director: Carol Reed)

Joe Higgins is the captain of a Liverpool tug, with a pretty daughter, Betty, a forgetful Irish first mate, Pat, and a predilection for spending a weekly sixpence on the football pools. When Pat forgets to post Joe’s coupon on the week a winning line is drawn, chaos and frantic comedy are the result…

CHEER UP! (1936, Director: Leo Mittler)

A struggling playwright hopes to market a musical comedy that he has written in collaboration with another equally penurious composer. Anxious to secure the backing of a millionaire, the two composers only succeed in making him angry – until, following a chain of misunderstandings, they finally emerge triumphant. Comic situations and melody play important roles in the film, which includes several spectacular dance routines.

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