The Director and The Jedi trailer: A documentary about the making of The Last Jedi

If you can't wait another few weeks for the UK release of The Last Jedi on Blu-ray and DVD (and 4K Ultra HD) the first 12 minutes of The Director and The Jedi documentary that will appear as one of the features is available to watch on IMDB right now, along with one or two other clips. For anyone living in the US they can download The Last Jedi and all its features from today.

This intimate documentary delves into Rian Johnson’s process as he comes in as a director new to the Star Wars universe. A fan since childhood, he sets out to make the most powerful Star Wars movie he can. Navigating the mammoth production, the scale of which he’s never directed before, we meet his cast and crew, see their individual challenges in bringing the film together, say goodbye to Carrie Fisher, and explore the significance of Rian’s more surprising decisions.

The documentary played at SXSW yesterday and while The Last Jedi (somehow) managed to divide the fan base possibly more than any others in the franchise, it's always fascinating to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the filmmaking process.

Anthony Wonke directed the film and you can get to see the full 135 minutes of The Director and The Jedi when the The Last Jedi arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and 4K Ultra HD in the UK on April 9th 2018.

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