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The Colditz Story in December

Studiocanal have announced the UK DVD and Blu-ray release of The Colditz Story on 10 December 2012. In October 70 years ago, Pat Reid, along with four other fellow British Officers, escaped from the notorious German POW camp, Colditz Castle, and made his way to freedom via Switzerland. His subsequent 1952 novel about his time in the camp and his escape became a bestseller and this classic film The Colditz Story (1955) - forever ensuring the castle’s place in history.

Notes on the restoration for this release from Studiocanal: The Colditz Story restoration was completed at Pinewood Studios in high definition using the best original film materials available. After rigorous assessment, the best material for restoration was the fine-grain inter-positive which we scanned in 2k resolution. We spent over 80 hours digitally cleaning the film frame by frame, removing dirt, scratches, warps (which were found on every cut), tears or replacing torn or missing frames and improving stability issues for the digital restoration, ensuring the general look of the film does not stray too far from the original release.

Extras on the release include:

  • Colditz Revealed:Brand new documentary featuring interviews with last surviving British POWs
  • Restoration comparison
  • HOH subtitles


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