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The Closer Season 1 (R2) in January

Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Closer: The Complete First Season for 15th January 2007 priced at £39.99. The Closer follows the ever-changing world of Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick), an investigator with a track record as one of America’s leading case-crackers who is brought in from Atlanta to head up a special unit of the LAPD that handles sensitive and high-profile murder cases. Brenda’s primary focus is her job: she has an amazing talent for knowing a person’s secrets, identifying their weaknesses and obtaining confessions from even the most hardened criminal – using skills that stem from understanding her own quirks, imperfections & neuroses. No matter what the personal costs she does whatever it takes to uncover the truth, even if it regularly means alienating others members of her own department.

Along with all thirteen episodes of season one, this set includes 22 minutes of previously unaired scenes. The episodes are presented in Widescreen though like the R1, we suspect they will be non-anamorphic.

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