The Buffy Season 2 Packaging Fiasco Part 2

A user of The DVD Forums contacted Fox with regard to the Buffy packaging, and they responded with the following:

"We have realised that there are some people who have bought Buffy Season 2 on DVD and found that some of the discs have been scratched. Whilst cosmetically-speaking this is not acceptable, the durability of DVDs is such that playing quality will not be affected.

The Buffy Season 2 packaging is a totally new design and underwent extensive revisions and testing before release. The processes involved with disc insertion were also subject to quality control. However, with any brand new form of packaging there will be problems with some packs that could not have been foreseen.

The problem with the packaging has been realised and work is being done to remedy this as fast as possible. In the meantime, we appreciate the problems some people are experiencing and ask [them] to send us [their] Name, Address, Daytime telephone number and the store where the product was bought.

You will then be contacted in the next couple of weeks and informed of what will be done."

So, it seems that Fox are well aware of the packaging problems, and are looking to do something to correct them. Whether this will mean a complete recall and reissue, or simply replacing damaged discs, is not yet clear. Either way, Fox should be commended for trying something new, but in future should perhaps test their packaging more thoroughly before release!

If you wish to contact Fox, either use the feedback option at, or try

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