The Breaker Upperers trailer: A new film from the producers of Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Boy

After making its debut at SXSW a couple of days ago, the first trailer for The Breaker Upperers has been released. Taika Waititi is the executive producer, while Carthew Neal also produces. The tone is similar to the dry New Zealand humour we've become accustomed to and the reviews so far have been very favourable. Take a look at the trailer above and see what you think.

Fifteen years ago Mel and Jen discovered they were being two-timed by the same man. Bitter and cynical, they formed The Breaker Upperers, a small-time business breaking up couples for cash. Now, in their late-thirties, business is booming. They’re a platonic couple who keep their cynicism alive by not getting emotionally involved with anybody else.

When they run into an old victim, Mel develops a conscience. Jen’s tightens her stranglehold on Mel, but this only succeeds in driving her away. The friendship erupts when Jen discovers Mel having sex with a client. Jen, desperately unhappy, seeks out their mutual ex-boyfriend. Jen is forced to take stock of her life and win her friend back.

Comedians Jackie van Beek and Madeleine Sami (who also appeared in Slow West) write, direct and appear in the film, with the cast also featuring Jaquie Brown, Angella Dravid, Cohen Holloway and a grown-up James Rolleston (Boy).

No news yet on release dates but we imagine it won't be too long.

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