The Bird People In China arrives in November

Artsmagic DVD have announced the US Region 0 DVD release of The Bird People In China for 16th November 2004 priced at $24.99 SRP. The 8th Takashi Miike film released in North America by Artsmagic DVD, The Bird People in China shows that there is much more to this prolific director than his trademark extreme sex and violence.

Wada, a Japanese salary man, is sent by his company to investigate claims of a priceless vein of jade in a small Chinese village. On his arrival, Ujjie, a yakuza who is owed by Wada’s company, accosts him and intends to take the debt out of the jade. Guided by an old Chinese explorer, Shen, who forgets where the village actually is, they set off on an overwhelming adventure that will change their lives forever.

Features include:

  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Exclusive Interview with Director
  • Commentary by Tom Mes
  • Extensive Biographies/Filmographies
  • Original Promotional Material
  • Original Movie Trailer

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