The Biggest Little Farm trailer - watch one couple's quest to create their own green haven

Ever dreamed of escaping life in the city to set up a sustainable farm out in the country? If so, then The Biggest Little Farm is a documentary you should have your radar for this weekend. It tells the story of how two city workers decided to set up a farm and all the ups and downs that come with turning your life completely on its head. Director John Chester's (who is also the subject of the doc) film has generally been very well received by the critics and was a rather unexpected hit at the US box office, meaning it could stand an outside change of sneaking into the documentary category at the Oscars early next year. Watch the trailer for The Biggest Little Farm above.

A Los Angeles couple give up city life, buying a farm and following their dream of growing every ingredient they might want to cook with. The Biggest Little Farm is enlightening and entertaining, effectively balancing one family’s personal story with the practical ups and downs of starting a sustainable, biodiverse farm on land that has been stripped of nutrients. John and Molly Chester are a smart and charming pair and the film – which benefits from John’s background in cinematography – is a joy to watch. Motivating and magnificent, this environmental documentary is a delight.

The Biggest Little Farm opens in select UK cinemas on November 29.

The Biggest Little Farm (2018)
Dir: John Chester | Cast: John Chester, Matthew Pilachowski, Molly Chester | Writers: John Chester, Mark Monroe

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