The Best is Yet to Come trailer: A Jia Zhangke-produced drama about the cost of exposing the truth

From the outside, being a journalist in possession of a big expose story seems quite straightforward – after all it’s their job to dig out hidden scandals to inform the wider public. The Best is Yet to Come (Bu zhi bu xiu) is based on true events and looks at the wider damage sometimes caused by drawing the truth out into the light. Set in 2003, it takes place just after the SARS outbreak (which is related to the current COVID-19 epidemic we are dealing with) at a time when digital journalism was slowly coming to the fore and newspaper and magazine formats still reigned supreme. The Best is Yet to Come plays at Venice today and at TIFF, and although the trailer is a little over-dramatic, it looks pretty good. Click play below to see for yourself.

China, 2003. In the aftermath of the SARS epidemic. The internet is in its infancy and newspapers are still king. 26-year-old middle school dropout Han Dong dreams of being a journalist, and lucks into an internship at one of Beijing’s most powerful dailies. After earning the respect of his editor with plucky reporting on a disaster at a local mine, he throws himself into another explosive investigation, this time, into the high stakes world of medical fraud. Han Dong knows the story is of national significance and could land him a front-page byline and a permanent job with the paper. However, as publication draws near, Han Dong is forced to confront the cost his story’s success may have on millions of citizens, and on those whom he holds most dear. Inspired by true events.

Jing Wang directs a cast starring Bai-Ke, Miao Miao, Songwen Zhang, and Yang Song. Jia Zhangke also acts as producer, a director known for films like A Touch Of Sin, Mountains May Depart and Ash Is Purest White.

Beijing’s Rediance have secured international rights to The Best is Yet to Come, although no details about dates have been released just yet.

Steven Sheehan

Updated: Sep 08, 2020

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The Best is Yet to Come trailer: A Jia Zhangke-produced drama about the cost of exposing the truth | The Digital Fix