The Amazing Johnathan Documentary trailer: Do you trust anything a magician does?

Hulu almost struck gold in February with the Oscar-nominated Minding the Gap, and at the start of the year their Fyre Fraud documentary got the internet talking about Billy McFarland’s disastrous festival. Their new release, The Amazing Johnathan Documentary, doesn’t look like it will have the same widespread appeal, but it doesn’t seem any less interesting. The Amazing Johnathan is a magician/comedian who found fame in the 80s and 90s but disappeared when he was told he only had a year left to live. As you will see, while that is questioned, but it’s hard to know what is fact and fiction. Watch the trailer for The Amazing Johnathan Documentary to see for yourself.

Filmmaker Ben Berman sets out to capture The Amazing Johnathan’s comeback tour while peeling back the curtain on his unique, meth-fueled life. But the seemingly straightforward profile of this eccentric illusionist starts careening off the rails as Johnathan drops a bombshell that sends the film spiraling into uncertainty. As we delve deeper to determine what’s real and what’s illusion, hard questions are raised, uncovering deeper truths about the ethics of filmmaking and human nature.

Ben Berman is directing his first film, but he could also be in on the whole thing. The small handful of critics that covered it at Sundance handed out a strong rating, so this is one to add to your list for later in the year.

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary will be available on Hulu and in US theatres on August 16.

Untitled Amazing Johnathan Documentary (2019)
Dir: Benjamin Berman | Cast: The Amazing Johnathan | Writer: Benjamin Berman

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