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The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer in May

Anchor Bay have announced the UK DVD release of The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer for 15th May 2006 priced at £24.99. Based on the popular comics and graphic novels by Edgar P. Jacobs, a close friend and collaborator of Tintin creator Hergé, the animated adventures of Blake and Mortimer comes to DVD as a four-disc collection from Anchor Bay UK, featuring all 26 episodes of the celebrated series.

Directed by Stephane Bernasconi (director of the 1990 animated Tintin series) and co-written by Eric Rondeaux (Excalibur; Tintin; Insektors), The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer chronicles the mystery-solving exploits of the eponymous heroes, RAF officer and MI5 agent, Francis Percy Blake, and his gentleman scholar associate, Professor Philip Angus Mortimer.

From London to Paris, Cairo to Tokyo, Blake and Mortimer spend their days investigating the unknown and saving the world from evil dictators, crazed megalomaniacs and mad scientists, who more often than not have some nefarious connection to their notorious nemesis, the mercenary criminal adventurer Colonel Olrik. With plots involving space trips, time travel, vast journeys across land and sea and a strong undercurrent emphasising the importance of friendship and commitment to duty, The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer has something to appeal to viewers of all ages, particularly fans of Tintin and Asterix.

Having begun life in 1946 as a serialised comic strip in Tintin magazine, before being published as a series of graphic novels, The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer has since become one of the most popular and successful series of comic books in Europe with sales in excess of 15 million copies to date.

Special Features include digipack slipcase and collector's booklet.

Mystery Of The Great Pyramid; The Yellow Mark; Swordfish Versus Delta Red; The Atlantis Enigma; Heavy Weather; The Infernal Machine; The Ghost And The Necklace; Professor Sato's Three Formulae; The Francis Blake Affair; The Viking's Bequest; The Secret Of Easter Island; The Alchemist's Will; The Druid.

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