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The Addams Family Vol. 2 in March - Artwork added

Fox Home Entertainment and MGM Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of The Addams Family Volume 2 for 27th March 2007 priced at $29.98 SRP. The second volume features the next 21 offbeat episodes from the classic series, as well as audio commentaries by Thing, Cousin Itt and “Addams” historian Steven Cox, Tombstone trivia and Guest Star Séances.

The “The Addams Family” Volume Two DVD Collection is compiled on three dual-sided discs (full frame, aspect ratio 1.33:1), and is presented in English, Spanish and French Mono*(French is only available on select episodes) with English and Spanish subtitles. In addition, the following episodes and special features are exclusive to each disc:

Disc 1 – Side A:

  • “Thing Is Missing”
    • Select scene commentary by Thing and Cousin Itt
  • “Crisis In The Addams Family”
  • “Lurch And His Harpsichord”
  • “Morticia, The Breadwinner”

Disc 1 – Side B:
  • “The Addams Family And The Spaceman”
  • “My Son, The Chimp”
    • Select scene commentary by Thing and Cousin Itt
  • “Morticia’s Favorite Charity”
  • ”Progress And The Addams Family”

Disc 2 – Side A:
  • “Uncle Fester’s Toupee”
  • “Cousin Itt And The Vocational Counselor”
    • Select scene commentary by Thing and Cousin Itt
  • “Lurch, The Teenage Idol”
  • “The Winning Of Morticia Addams”

Disc 2 – Side B:
  • “My Fair Cousin Itt”
    • Select scene commentary by Thing and Cousin Itt
  • “Morticia’s Romance” (Part I)
    • Tombstone Trivia
  • “Morticia’s Romance” (Part II)
  • “Morticia Meets Royalty”
    • Commentary by Steven Cox, author of “The Addams Chronicles”

Disc 3 – Side A:
  • “Gomez, The People’s Choice”
  • “Cousin Itt’s Problem”
  • “Halloween-Addams Style”
  • “Morticia, The Writer”

Disc 3 – Side B:
  • ”Morticia, The Sculptress”
  • Mad About The Addams featurette
  • Guest Star Séance with Parley Baer, Milton Frome, Vito Scotti, Elizabeth Fraser, Richard Deacon, Sig Ruman, Margaret Hamilton, Elvia Allman, Eddie Quillan and Peter Bonerz

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