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The 4400 Season 2 (R2) in June

Paramount Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The 4400 Season 2 for 5th June 2006 priced at £39.99. From Francis Ford Coppola’s production company American Zeotrope comes the critically acclaimed and award winning TV series, THE 4400. One year after the events on the beach revealed the 4400 were taken and returned by future humans to save mankind, the world is a much different place…

After a period of intense medical observation, Tom (Joel Gretsch) has returned to the National Threat Assessment Command (NTAC) in a limited capacity, assigned only to desk duty. He eventually secures his son's release from a government study and is excited by the prospect of returning to a somewhat normal life. However, professionally he's also anxious to re-team with Diana (Jacqueline McKenzie) and get back out in the field. Diana, having been through a series of inept partners, finally finds a way to cut through the red tape and get Tom back, all while in the midst of formally adopting Maia.

Meanwhile, Richard, Lily and the baby - who is now six months old and showing that she is far from an ordinary child - are still living in meager conditions in a mountain cabin far away from Jordan Collier. Collier has now closed Arcadia Estates, his mansion and compound for The 4400 refugees, and is on the verge of opening ‘The 4400 Centers,’ a place for non-members of the 4400 to discover ‘the 4400 within themselves.’ Collier and Shawn have developed a strong father-son bond and Collier becomes Shawn's guardian and enlists him to heal important benefactors of The 4400 Centers.

With the world understandably curious about The 4400, rumours begin to spread about their mysterious abilities and public opinion soon becomes divided between those who embrace The 4400 and those who fear them. As the members of The 4400 struggle to resume and rebuild their ‘life interrupted,’ each will come to play a pivotal role in events still to come; events that will shape the destiny of the human race…

This four-disc set includes all 13 episodes with features TBC.

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