Tenet remains scheduled for release in July "or whenever theaters reopen"

Tenet remains scheduled for release in July

Tenet is probably the last major film of the summer to remain on the release schedule with Warner still targeting a 17th July release date. While it remains to be seen whether the world will be returning to normal by July (we're expecting it to be a lot longer than that), it would seem that Warner are keen to dominate the summer with Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated project.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner CEO Ann Sarnoff said "We are committed to – and are excited about – releasing Tenet in theaters this summer or whenever theaters reopen ... We remain supportive of the theatrical experience… and are confident that our tentpole titles, including Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984, are exactly the type of films that will have people eager to return to theaters."

Wonder Woman 1984, the other film mentioned by Sarnoff has already been delayed until 14th August having previously been scheduled for release in June.

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