Teachers Series 1 arrives this August

VCI have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Teachers: Series One for 11th August 2003 with a retail price of £24.99. The only confirmed features for the disc are behind the scenes footage and interviews with cast members.

From the PR...

The lives and lifestyles of a group of young comprehensive school teachers in Bristol forms the backdrop for this original new drama series. Starring Andrew Lincoln (This Life), Teachers is set in the fictional Summerdown Comprehensive, where a mix of seasoned and young teachers and some raucous pupils makes for conflict, controversy and some humorous incidents. Set as much out of the classroom as in it, this is a contemporary light-hearted series where the staff find their lives just as problematic after school.

The main teachers in the drama are twenty-somethings whose lives are complicated by the fact that they aren't much older than their pupils. They have their own cliques, gossips and bullies and their own idea of a good practical joke. They sneak into the toilets for a sly fag, some still live with their parents, and they always have an excuse for why they're late for their own class.

The storylines revolve around Simon (Andrew Lincoln) and his close friends and colleagues - and their unpredictable, undisciplined lives. Simon still lives at home with his single father - but his dad's lovelife is heifer than his own and Simon is soon an unwelcome gooseberry. At work he locks horns with Jenny (Nina Sosanya) - assuming English teacher with a maturity and seriousness that Simon despises. His friends have to help out with his marking down the pub - and his own private life is complicated when he discovers his girlfriend is in the force...

Teachers was first screened on Channel 4 in March 2001 followed by the second series in 2002. The eagerly awaited 3rd series is to be screened on C4 in Summer 2003. The first series was nominated for Best Drama Series at the RTS Awards and Best Drama at the Indie Awards.

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