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Taxidermia in August

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of Taxidermia on 13th August 2007 priced at £19.99.

Three generations of men from one family are hungry to achieve their own perverse dreams. As a young soldier during World War 2, grandfather Vendel develops a sexually obsessive appetite for his lieutenant’s wife and daughters, resulting in the birth of his illegitimate son, Kálmán. Growing into an obese man, he becomes Hungary’s leading contestant in the international speed eating competitions during the Communist regime. He marries a fellow speed eater, who gives birth to a tiny son. Lajos matures into an introspective taxidermist who finds himself looking after his father, now grown to an unmoveable gargantuan size. However, as they feed on each other’s anxieties, events conspire to get them truly stuffed for posterity.

Director György Pálfi serves up a visual feast of fantasy and satire that is both stomach-churning and nourishing in equal measures. Partly based on the magical realist tales of Hungarian writer Lagos Parti Nagy, Taxidermia explores our primal human obsessions through a deliciously grotesque display of over-gorged appetites and bodily functions.

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