Buena Vista's PR company have supplied me with the details of their upcoming release of Tarzan (U) on Region 2 DVD. There will in fact be two versions of the disc released on 4 September - both of them will retail for over £20 which is not good news.

The standard release will retail for £22.99, while the collectors edition will tip the scales at £24.99. Both versions will feature an anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital surround sound. I'll leave it to you to decide whether or not either is worth the asking price.

The extras are as follows:


Localised Preview TrailerYesYes
Synergy Preview TrailerNoYes
Dinosaur TrailerYesYes
History of Tarzan
From Burroughs to DisneyYesYes
Early presentation reelNoYes
Research trop to AfricaNoYes
Music of Tarzan
The making of the musicYesYes
Tarzan Goes InternationalYesYes
'You'll Ben In My Heart' music videoYesYes
'Strangers Like Me' music videoYesYes
'Trashin' The Camp' ft. Phil Collins and N-SyncYesYes
Original Phil Collins sound demoNoYes
Story and editorial
Building the storyYesYes
Storyboard-to-Film comparisonYesYes
Extra Sequences
Introduction Bonnie ArnoldYesYes
1: Alternate OpeningYesYes
2: Terk discovers human campYesYes
3: Riverboat fightYesYes
Characters of Tarzan
Creating TarzanNoYes
Animating TarzanNoYes
Creating Jane and PorterNoYes
Creating Kala and KerchekNoYes
Creating Terk and TantorNoYes
Creating ClaytonNoYes
Deep Canvas processNoYes
Deep Canvas demonstrationNoYes
Production Progression demonstrationNoYes
Story ReelNoYes
Rough AnimationNoYes
Cleaned up animationNoYes
Final film in colourNoYes
Intercontinental film makingNoYes
Story read to yourselfYesYes
Read by yourselfYesYes
Trivia gameYesYes

Colin Polonowski

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