Tarzan (Special Edition) in May

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD re-release of Tarzan (Special Edition) for 9th May 2005. As per normal Disney retail practices their recent adaptation of Tarzan has long since been unavailable on DVD shelves here in the UK, but now they're reissuing it on a 'brand new two-disc Special Edition DVD'.

In reality much of the bonus features appear to be identical to the previous two-disc releases, only with the addition of some interactive games...

Disc One

  • Deleted Scenes
    • Alternate Opening
    • Terk Finds the Humans’ Camp
    • Riverboat Fight
  • Music & More – The award-winning music from the film performed by its composer Phil Collins who also performs a studio session with ‘N Sync
    • "You'll Be In My Heart" music video performed By Phil Collins
    • "Strangers Like Me" music video performed By Phil Collins
    • "Trashin' The Camp" studio session with Phil Collins & 'N Sync
  • Games & Activities – Younger viewers will love the selection of games and fun activities, including a look at life in the jungle
    • Terk's Tree Surfing Challenge
    • Jungle Memory
    • Banana Round Up
    • Clayton's Trap
    • DisneyPedia: Living In The Jungle
  • Backstage Disney
    • Audio Commentary

Disc Two
  • History & Development – A series of featurettes on how Burrough’s classic tale was transformed into a magical Disney animation
    • From Burroughs To Disney
    • Early Presentation Reel
    • Research Trip To Africa
  • The Music Of Tarzan/The Making Of The Music – A further insight into how the music was created for the film, including Phil Collins original demos
    • Tarzan Goes International
    • Original Phil Collins Song Demos
  • Story & Editorial – Two featurettes illustrating the film’s transition from storyboard to screen
    • Building The Story
    • Storyboard To Film Comparison
  • The Characters Of Tarzan – An animation gallery for all the films key characters including Tarzan, Jane, Kala, Terk and Tantor
  • Animation Production – A look at how Disney brought the jungle to life through stills, storyreels and animation demonstrations
  • Publicity - The trailers and advertisements that accompanied the theatrical release
    • Posters & Ad Campaign (stills)
    • Trailer 1
    • Trailer 2
    • Trailer 3

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