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Tartan's Ingmar Bergman Collection in November - Artwork added

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of The Bergman Collection for 13th November 2006. A director of such stature, Tartan has been releasing nearly all of his work from his debut feature to his most recent work, Saraband. Now his lifetime of achievement is presented in a specially designed collectable box set. It includes 30 discs, including classics such as The Seventh Seal, Persona, The Virgin Spring and Autumn Sonata.

Additionally, as an exclusive to the box set there are two previously unreleased titles, Dreams (1955) where a fashion editor and model both reflect on past lovers, and Farodokument ’79, an affectionate tribute to the Faro islanders of his adopted home. A 64-page booklet written by film historian David Parkinson is also included

Retail is a not inconsiderable £299.99, but even before the usual discounts that’s £10 a disc.

Artwork and features are subject to change...

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