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Tartan's Bergman Collection expands again in July

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of two more titles as part of their Ingmar Bergman Collection. Arriving on 24th July 2006 are Music in Darkness and Prison, two films from his first ten years in the industry which tackle his perennial themes of spiritual and personal crisis, as well as finding redemption through love.

Priced at £19.99 each both are presented in anamorphic widescreen with stereo sound. Extras are limited to trailers, filmographies and film notes by Philip Strick.

Music In Darkness (1948)
Bergman takes on Dante! Based on Dagmar Edquist's novel, and taking some inspiration from The Divine Comedy, Music In Darkness tells of a handsome young pianist, blinded in an military accident, and his developing relationship with his pupil. As he copes with his disability, he has to experience humiliation, degradation, even exploitation. But love wins through in the end. Having had a string of commercial failures, this was a box-office success with an uplifting touch of romance. Stars actress and director Mai Zetterling (Torment; The Witches, Scrubbers).

Prison (1949)
Challenged by his producer to make a film with virtually no budget and limited lighting, Prison becomes Bergman's most experimental film. Set in a movie studio, a director helps a journalist develop his autobiographical screenplay about his relationship with a prostitute. Her life, filled with despair and an unwanted pregnancy, becomes the film-within-a-film, and helps address issues about mortality, suicide and faith. Stylistically, there are moments of surrealism and a surprising tribute to silent movie farce.

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