Tartan Video - 2005 begins

Celebrating their 20th anniversary Tartan Video have revealed their initial plans and release schedule for early 2005...

Tartan Video goes into the new year with all guns blazing. You’ll be able to stuff yourself on a feast of action, adventure, and cinematic curios from around the world. There are even movies that attack your diet itself. A truly terrific start to Tartan in its 20th trail-blazing year. Tartan’s 20th year will be fire the starting gun on a true new year’s revolution!

10th January 2005

Infernal Affairs 2 (Tartan Asia Extreme title)
Highly successful sequel to the Hong Kong police drama that has got everyone and has already spawned rumours of a Hollywood remake by Scorsese. This critically praised prequel follows the early careers of the two cadets, Tan and Ming, as they learn the ropes. Whilst one becomes caught up in triad activity, the other becomes infatuated with his boss’s wife, events that will take them along different and deadly paths, turning former friends into enemies.
DVD extras include: deleted scenes; behind the scenes documentary, and trailer

Super Size Me - Full review
Morgan Spurlock’s hugely entertaining but truly disturbing investigation into our eating habits and the perils of fast food culture. Volunteering to live on a diet of McDonalds burgers alone for a month, he charts the effects on his health and interviews nutritionists, teachers, campaigners and consumers along the way. His findings are sure to provide plenty of food for thought.

24th January 2005

16 Years of Alcohol - Full Review
Directorial debut from former singer/ journalist, Richard Jobson. Young Frankie grew up with a philandering father he adored, but as a teenager he found strength as leader of a gang of thugs. His attempts to reform in adult life find some success when he meets Susan, but his brutal past treads closely in the shadows. Set entirely on location in Edinburgh, this stylishly poetic tale features outstanding performances from its all-British cast, led by Trainspotting stars Kevin McKidd, Laura Fraser and a cameo from Ewen Bremner. Also featuring Susan Lynch and Jim Carter.

Phone (Asia Extreme) - Full announcement
Investigative reporter Ji-won has changed her phone number but keeps getting mysterious calls on her mobile. Making investigations, she discovers that all previous owners of the phone died in mysterious circumstances. This is Korean horror at its most twisted. Be sure you don’t dial the wrong number!

Falcons - Full Review
Keith Carradine stars in Icelandic drama about a world-weary ex-con who’s now contemplating suicide. However, he meets Dua, a free-spirited young woman who could also be his daughter. Smuggling a prize falcon to Munich could be a way of resolving their problems but it has unexpected dangers. A subtle tale from Cold Fever director, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson.

Dans Ma Peau (aka In My Skin) - Full announcement
A successful businesswoman accidentally injures herself, and develops an obsession with her own wounds. Increasingly, she finds secret pleasure in self harm to the detriment of her job and her loving boyfriend. Powerful and disturbing French drama from newcomer, Marina De Van.

Chinese Odyssey 2002 - Full Review
Hughely enjoyable fun directed by Jeff Lau and produced by Wong Kar-Wai. Tony Leung (Infernal Affairs; Hero) plans on marrying his sister to a handsome youth who’s really a princess in disguise, on the run with he brother from the stifling world of The Forbidden City. it’s a frantic mix of Monkey-style fable and Crouching Tiger spoof involving martial arts, identity changes and Shakespearean gender confusion. There’s even pastiches of Wong Kar-Wai’s own Ashes of Time and Chungking Express.

As Tears Go By (1988) - Full Review
Wong Kar-Wai’s first feature is an atmospheric remake of Mean Streets. A debt collector’s desires is to lead a quieter life in the country are frustrated by his inability to escape his gangland loyalties. It stars Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers) and long-time collaborator Maggie Cheung (In The Mood For Love).

Days of Being Wild (1990) - Full Review
A young man spend his time in Hong Kong drifting through a series of casual relationships, searching for his lost mother and chasing unfulfilled dreams and . Set in 1960 and multi-award winner at the Hong Kong film Awards, Wong Kar-Wai’s second feature captures his trademark richness of camerawork – lensed by Chris Doyle - and design with an all-star cast of Hong Kong superstars including Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung.

Wong Kar-Wai’s latest film, 2046, starring Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, and Gong Li is released in cinemas on 14 January and will be available on DVD in the Summer.

28th February 2005

OldBoy (Asia Extreme) - Further details
Cannes Grand Prix winner championed by Tarantino. A man is unexpectedly arrested and imprisoned for 15 years and just as inexplicably released. Given cash and a phone, he’s then told to find his captor and unravel the mystery of his confinement. Brutal but mesmerising revenge thriller sliced through with extreme violence and dark comedy.

Also on the Asia Extreme label this month is a new Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (Collector's Edition) Further details.

Coffee and Cigarettes - Further details
Indie favourite Jim Jarmusch (Ghost Dog, Mystery Train) assembles a stellar cast and creates a series of short conversation pieces. Set around a table over a mug of coffee and a smoke, this is all manner of topics are discussed. Stylishly shot in black and white, there are wonderful turns from musicians and actors alike, including Cate Blanchett, Steve Buscemi, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Bill Murray, Wu-Tang Clan, Steve Coogan, and Alfred Molina.

DVD extras include: Bill Murray outtakes and Taylor Mead interview.

Angel on the Right - Further details
Stark drama about a former gangster’s return home to escape his creditors and face his past. His hope of benefiting from the house sale of his supposedly dying mother backfires and he’s left to deal with the brutal consequences of his past actions and debts. He’s not helped by having to look after a young son from a long-forgotten relationship whilst the old fable reminds him of the two angels weighing up his fate – the one on the left looks after your bad deeds and the right measures the good ones. Award-winning morality tale with an uncompromising view of life in Tajikistan.

28th March 2005

My Architect - Full announcement
Louis Kahn was a visionary architect, who died alone and penniless. His life, however, was full of secrets: a married man who also had two affairs. The son, Nathaniel from one of the affairs, decides he wants to learn about the life and work of the father he never knew. This fascinating and touching film documents this personal journey and reveals the extraordinary legacy of a complex, misunderstood man. Oscar-nominated for best documentary.
DVD extras include: Tartan exclusive interview with Nathaniel Kahn.

Milwaukee, Minnesota - Full announcement
Mild-mannered Albert (Troy Garrity) who excels as a ice-fisherman. When his mother dies, he’s seems to acquire many new friends, the perfect catch for con artists who offering him a long-lost father (Randy Quaid) or love (Alison Folland), but there’s a guardian angel watching over him too (Bruce Dern). Directed by Allan Mindell, this gently comic tale treads similar territory to Northern Exposure, Fargo and Forrest Gump.
DVD extras include: Tartan exclusive commentary with Allan Mindell and Troy Garrity; and interview with director.

Anatomy Of Hell - Full announcement
Wanting to explore the outer limits of her physicality, a woman (gorgeous ex-model Amira Cesar) picks up a gay man (internationally known porn star Rocco Siffredi (Romance) at a bar and takes him home. Slowly their relationship takes on an urgent and surprising new twist Adapting her own, poetic-polemical novel for the screen, Catherine Breillat (Romance, A Ma Soeur!) takes her trademark dissection of gender-politics and sexual mores to a shocking conclusion, narrating a dark tale of desire, seduction and complicity.
DVD extras include: interview with Catherine Breillat.

Carnages - Full announcement
Following a bullfight, the bull is dismembered and its body parts are sent across Europe. A young girl feeds a bone to her pet dog whilst a scientist received the bull’s eyes. A taxidermist gives the horns as a gift to his mother and a Spanish woman dines on Toro en Riojo. Award-winning debut feature from Delphine Gleize which brings these disparate stories together with elegance, humour and visual flair which shows the interconnections we encounter in our lives.

Chaos (Asia Extreme) - Full announcement
Having built up and international reputation with Ring and Dark Water, Hideo Nakata’s psychological thriller tells of the kidnapping of a businessman’s wife but as the labyrinthine plot unravels, it becomes clear that things aren’t what they seem. There’s too much familiarity between the wife and her abductor and her husband doesn’t seem to be a totally innocent victim. So who’s playing games with who?
DVD extras include: a ‘making of’ documentary. Released in a double-disc set with his TV series Curse Death and Spirit

Save The Green Planet (Asia Extreme) - Full announcement
Goofball sci-fi comedy from Korea. Byung-gu has a secret. He’s discovered a conspiracy by aliens to take over planet Earth, but he’s going to expose their plans by kidnapping and torturing their leader, who has disguised himself as a successful businessman. This has the quirky flavour of an eastern Tim Burton.
DVD extras include: audio commentary, cast & crew interviews, ‘behind the scenes’ documentary, deleted scenes.

Hillside Strangler - Full announcement
One of the few "tag-teams" in serial killer history, the so-called "Hillside Strangler" was actually two men, Angelo Buono Jr. and Kenneth Bianchi, who left a trail of sexually-violated and murdered young women in their wake, and threw Southern California into a state of terror for two long years, as police searched vainly for leads and the co-dependent killers sought to refine their nefarious craft. Directed by Chuck (Ed Gein) Parello, and starring C. Thomas Howell (The Hitcher) and Nicholas Turturro.
DVD extras include: director’s commentary and deleted scenes.

Ozu Box Set 2 - The second of Tartan’s boxsets of classic cinema from one of Japan’s finest directors, Yasijiro Ozu which demonstrate the lighter side of his work. In RECORD OF A TENEMENT GENTLEMEN (1947), a widow reluctantly shelters a lost boy for the night. Discovering that he was dbandoned by his impoverished father, she’s willing to do the same until she makes a pact with the boy. A warmly optimistic tale. The equally light-hearted FLAVOUR OF GREEN TEA OVER RICE (1952) tells of a middle-class, middle-aged couple who have come to realise their arranged marriage is not what it was. A delicately observed drama of rekindled love.

Ozu boxset 2 is available on retail DVD only for £29.99.

Dates TBC

Ramones - End of the Century
They were one of the legendary punk bands and this revealing documentary charts their career from the highs and the lows, their onstage squabbles and offstage tantrums. Archive footage combines with new interviews (although Joey Ramone died before he could be interviewed) to give a poignant portrait of fame.

Top Spot
Film debut of artist Tracey Emin who journeys back to the Margate of her youth and creates a kind of visual poem to her childhood. Using a cast of unknowns, she weaves in and out of the personal stories of six teenage girls, reflecting aspects of her own experiences and creative impulses. Shot in DV and Super 8, it’s reminiscent of the experimental work of another artist, Derek Jarman.

Mario Bava Boxset – Vol 1 - Expected in May
Tartan’s first collection from Italy’s Godfather of horror who has influenced John Carpenter, Scorsese and Tarantino. A trio of classic terrors which includes his directorial debut BLACK SUNDAY (1960), the Hitchcock parody THE GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1962) and the much-loved BLACK SABBATH (1963) (starring Boris Karloff). Retail price is TBC on this set.

Work is also under way on The Pasolini boxset (Accatone; RogoPag; Hawks and Sparrows) and future titles to be released in 2005 include new films from Kim Ki-Duk including his controversial masterpiece The Isle; Wong Kar-wai’s long-anticipated 2046, starring Tony Leung and Maggie Chung; new Christian Bale shocker, The Machinist; smash-hit horror sequel The Eye 2; powerful drama, The Woodsman, starring Kevin Bacon; new sci-fi thriller Primer, and Process starring Beatrice Dalle. There’s also more classic cinema from international masters such as Truffaut, Bergman, Ozu, and Pasolini as well as some juicy genre boxsets by exploitation horror masters Jess Franco and Mario Bava. So get ready for the Tartan diet.

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